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Earl Medley, Head Instructor

Earl has vast martial arts experience with many years of Muay Thai, BJJ, now a first degree black belt, Wrestling, and Boxing. Earl is an an undefeated MMA fighter and former champion and has orchestrated several MMA fight camps. Earl has won medals at numerous BJJ competitions including NAGA Nationals and the Arnold's Classic. With several years of experience in the security industry, Coach Earl has vast knowledge of self-defense tactics and is Modern Army Combatives Program Level I & II certified and regularly works in training our soldiers. Bringing this all together with a bachelors of science in exercise science, Coach Earl knows how to teach you the skills you want, whether it be for self-defense, sport, or simply to get fit.


Jeff Thomas, Head Boxing Coach

Coach Jeff Thomas has been coaching boxing for over 20 years. He ran the Smyrna PAL for 15 years, where he had numerous state, regional, and national champions and medalists. He has worked with several top pros such as Keith McKnight and former world title challengers Owen Beck, Adam Richards and Johnathon Reid. Jeff also had 3 fighters who were featured on The Contender TV show. For the last several years, Jeff has also been working with MMA fighters, helping several win titles. He is also the coach for current welterweight contender Luis Galarza.


Cory Watson, Head Wrestling Coach and Assistant BJJ Instructor

Coach Cory, a 3 time national qualifier, has over 15 years of wrestling experience. He has competed folkstyle, freestlye, and Greco-Roman wrestling. He also has many years of coaching experience including the Blackman High School wrestling team and currently the MTSU wrestling team. He has been training BJJ for many years and had attained the rank of purple belt, winning medals at numerous BJJ competitions.




Andre Kirksey, Tae Kwon Do Instructor

Coach Andre Kirksey holds a 2nd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do/Chung Do Kwan, one of the first of the Korean martial art styles(or kwans) to be practiced. Affiliated with the World Tae Kwon Do Federation (WTF), and Kukkiwon Chung Do Kwan is an effective form of traditional Tae Kwon Do practiced worldwide. Chung Do Kwan is known for its powerful techniques and kicking precision. Coach Kirksey has over 10 years experience teaching children and adults traditional aspects of Tae Kwon Do.